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Finnkart team consists of best Engineers and MBAs from IITs and IIMs. With decades of Manufacturing, Projects , Consultancy , IT and Digital Marketing experience, we innovative engineers have a mission to ease out the stressful life of individuals . We bring underwater serenity into your day to day life.

We offer

  • Custom made aquariums – Ideas of implementation to transform your dead space consuming furniture to life.
  • All Fresh Water and Salt water fishes and creatures.
  • Daily consumables and nourishment supplements
  • Upkeep of your water body
  • Medical Supervision and medicines

And all these at your doorsteps with a no questions asked return policy.

We at Finnkart have committed ourselves to deliver an easy and exquisite shopping experience for aquarist and hobbyist. We have devoted last many years doing extensive research finding gaps and pain point of an aquarist and we have created this website that offers everything related to aquariums and accessories required to maintain the leisure activity of aquarium keeping.

In technology-driven societies, scientists, and educators alike flounder in making science interesting and applicable. Communicating science, defined as communicating scientific facts as well as teaching and using the scientific process, can also be done informally though leisure activities. In the past 2 years of qualitative study, we examined the leisure activity of aquarium keeping and its ability to communicate relative aquatic facts and processes, and we found a huge area to implement information technology as a source of such communication.

Home aquarium keeping is an unlikely source of scientific communication due to its highly consumptive past and, to an extent, present. This consumption not only includes the removal of live aquarium specimens for the aquarium hobby, but also encompasses other related practices that detrimentally affect their populations and habitats. This includes the collection of live plants and coral, invertebrates such as shrimp and crabs, as well as abiotic structure.

Here at Finnkart.in you will find fishes, aquatic plants, readymade aquariums, aquarium accessories, dry fish food etc. You can also order custom made aquariums as per your requirement which will be constructed, delivered, setup and added with fishes and plants, all in a smooth and organized process. We also provide aquarium maintenance service where our experts will visit your place and will clean, change water, cut overgrown plants, clean filters and get your aqua setup ready.

At Finnkart our prime goal is to give our customers a delightful shopping experience and cut the hassle of going out, running after sellers, receiving fake products, etc. We guarantee only top quality products and genuine items in our site and we provide no question asked refund policy.

All Products are sourced from selected local sellers whom we have partnered with finnkart and thus we provide them with an online platform to sell their items at affordable rates. Our rates are very standardised and we only sell quality tested items through our portal.

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