Aquatic Remedies Plant Health Formula

  • A perfect blend of aquatic plant micro nutrients packed with advance formulation to create wonderful mimic of aquatic natural eco system and tropical rain forest colour pigment formation supply essential micro elements to boost plant’s natural coloration and health
  • Complete micro nutrients formulation for planted aquarium | improves colour, health and growth of aquatic plants | regulates photosynthesis activity | contains all micro elements for lush growth
  • Use in with combination with plant food for best result and optimum plant growth
  • Dosing: 2ml per 100 litre daily or 10ml per 100 litre bi weekly two times | daily dosing is recommended
  • Active ingredients: chelated iron, zinc, copper, cobalt, boron and other essential micro elements

Generally delivered within 2-4 days. Delivery date will be updated by email.
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