Aquatic Remedies Betta Care | Twin COMBO Pack

A very innovative product to comfort the betta fish by creating the natural environment through adding up leaves extract and minerals with humic and fluvic acid. Due to the leaves extract the product may create slight brown tan color that will disappear in short time. This product can be used weekly or during water change.
A perfect water conditioner for betta with aloe and protective slime coat.
Properties of BETTA SECURE:
• Natural stress reducer
• Aloe vera natural wound healer
• Slime coat protection
• Instant chlorine remover
• Heavy metal chelator
• Ammonia control properties.
A rapid water conditioner for betta. Removes stress, ammonia, chlorine, heavy metals and makes new water safer to betta fish. Protective slime coat provides fish a natural resistance against any sudden water chemistry changes during water exchange. This product can be used weekly or during water change.

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