Square Glass Cube 4″ Aquarium Tank (0.3L)

Model Number: Square Glass Cube Tank 4″ 2
Material: Glass
Tank Capacity: 0.3 L
Shape: Cube
Hood Included: No
Used For: Freshwater Fish/Plant
Color: Clear
Mount Type: Table Mounted

SKU: FK_DSUXT2767 Category:

The transparent body of the tank is what makes Glass tank so attractive. Yes, it can tell you when to change the water and whether something dropped inside. However, if you add fillers within the crystal clear water, it is the cherry on top for flower display. Glass tank has been widely chosen due to the way lighting works with glass. With the semi-reflection of light, it works exceptionally well as the centerpiece of attractions. As the most common design of the Glass Vases, It is by far the most attractive design. Simple yet elegant. A generous vibe as any centerpiece decoration. Works well with any flower, providing a modern look within the environment. Although they are called vases, the use of them is extensive. Depending on the opening and height, square vases have been used differently. They work great as candle holders. Can sit a candle perfectly in the center. Some are wide enough to use as a terrarium, with a little creative instinct, you can create the perfect environment within the vase. Square Vase might be by far the most common design for glass tank. There is a reason for that. They sit extremely firm on surfaces. With the squared shape, it is equally balanced regardless of which angle you look at it. It seems to provide a perfect perspective for all focus points. Equilibrium will be the key feature of the design. All you need is a half-filled tank with water and embellished flowers.


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