Teraa Guppy Fish Food S-0.4mm | 20gm

  • Ingredients:Shrimp Protein(35%), Krill (5.2%), Koji Mold(4%), Natto Powder(2%), Soyabean Meal(1.41%), DDG, Lactic Acid Bacteria, Seaweed Powder, Taurine Stevia Extract, Probiotics etc.
  • Analytical Constituents:Crude Protein(47%), Crude Fat (8.4%),Crude Moisture(7.9%), Crude Fiber(3.7%)

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Most of guppy species follow omnivorous diet.

Omnivorous diet is where there is a mix of animal protein and plant protein. In the nature they eat a mix of both hence the categorization. Most of the species have a smaller mouth so its important for them to have a smaller size pellet for ease in acceptance.  A balanced diet improves their digestion, coloration and agility.

This food was specifically designed for guppy fishes keeping their natural diet in focus. Powdered food readily accepted by all sizes of guppies. Our food is made up of quality ingredients like crustacean protein, krill meal, koji mold,natto powder,soybean meal,yeast, DDG,seaweed powder, taurine stevia extract etc.




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