Spotted Blue Eyed Rainbowfish

The Spotted Blue-Eye Rainbowfish is a beautifully delicate small rainbowfish. They only grow to 1.5”. They inhabit shallow heavily vegetated slow-moving streams or standing waters with submerged branches, roots, or leaf litter.  They prefer warm temperatures 70-83o F. In nature they can be found in Papua New Guinea and nearby territories.

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Size: 1.5 inches (3.8 cm)
Tank: School of 6-8: 15 gallons (56.75 liters) or larger.
Strata: Mainly midwater to upper. Will feed at the top and bottom though.
PH: PH recommendation 5.2 – 6.7
Hardness: Medium hardness, 5 to 12° dGH
Temperature: 73°F to 86°F (23°-30° C)


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