Head And Tail Light Tetra

Endemic to blackwater rivers and streams in South America, the Head and Tail Light Tetra makes an interesting addition to community aquariums. While not the flashiest of the tetra species, these fish do have some quirky physical features.

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They get their name from two copper-colored spots on the body. One spot is on the base of the tail while the other is next to the gill plate. The spots reflect light very well, giving them the appearance of headlights!

The dots are usually coupled with black spots. Many believe that this pattern is a form of mimicry that looks like eyes.

For the most part, Head and Tail Light Tetras are easy to care for. They do best in natural setups and large communities. As a schooling fish, they require at least five other companions to feel safe.

  • Size:¬†2 inches
  • Difficulty:¬†Beginner
  • Minimum Tank Size:¬†15 gallons


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